How to fit crunch bar and bungee fit elite to your body size

Fit crunch bar: 1.

Sit in a chair.2.

Put your hands on your thighs.3.

Reach into the back of your chair and pull your legs out to your sides.4.

Sit on the bench and stretch out your legs.5.

Bend your knees, hips and ankles so your shoulders and upper back are parallel to the floor.6.

Bring your feet together and bend your knees and hips to your chest.7.

Stretch your arms and shoulders outwards, keeping your elbows on your sides and your fingers at a 90 degree angle.8.

Stretch and twist your hands to stretch out the sides of your feet.9.

Push your legs apart, but do not let them fall over.10.

Sit down on the floor and lift your arms above your head, palms facing down.11.

Stretch out your arms at a 45 degree angle, palms down, with your fingers facing forward.12.

Pull your legs to your side.13.

Stretch the sides and front of your legs, keeping the elbows at 90 degrees.14.

Keep your arms outstretched and bend forward, keeping them parallel to your torso.15.

Hold the position for 5-10 seconds.16.

Repeat for the next 5-15 seconds.17.

Squat to the bar.18.

Rest for 10 seconds.19. Repeat.