Blink Fitness, the fitness business, to pay $8.9 million to the federal government to resolve tax issues

Blink Fitness has paid the federal Government $8,9 million over the past three years for tax relief.

The US$8.2 million payment will help pay for a new facility to house the business in the Port of Seattle and is expected to be fully operational by late 2019.

The company’s parent company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of California, which has been the subject of federal investigations, paid $1.4 million in a separate $5 million settlement in March.

The Federal Trade Commission is still investigating whether Blink was acting in a manner that unfairly favoured its own profit, which was not disclosed in the settlement.

Blink Fitness said in a statement that it would continue to pursue tax refunds.

“Our focus remains on complying with the Internal Revenue Service’s rules and policies,” the company said.

“We remain committed to making our financial information available to the public and complying with all applicable laws.”