Fitbit Charge HR – Fitbit fitness watch vs Samsung Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit has revealed a new fitness watch to compete with the Samsung Fitbuds.

The Fitbit Fitbit Watch 2 runs on Android Wear, runs on the new Samsung Fitband 2 and has an NFC connection.

It also supports Bluetooth, so it can connect with other devices such as smartphones and smartwatches.

The Fitbit watch runs on Google’s Android Wear platform, which means you’ll be able to connect it with a phone, tablet or PC.

There’s also a dedicated companion app for your Fitbit activity tracker.

The Samsung Fit Band is also a watch, but it’s more like a phone case.

It has a 3.5mm headphone jack, and it supports voice commands.

It’s also the first watch to have a heart rate sensor built into it.

The Samsung FitBand also supports the new Fitbit Dash smartwatch, which is more like an Android Wear-style watch.

You’ll need a compatible Android Wear device to use the Fitbit device.

You can get the Samsung Watch 2 for $199 or $299, depending on the model.

It doesn’t support Android Wear or Android Wear smartwalls.

It’s worth noting that the FitBit FitBand has some extra features.

For example, the device supports voice recognition.

If you’ve got an Android device that supports the Bluetooth standard, you can also use voice commands to pair with the device.

If you want to use voice control with your FitBit activity tracker, the Fitbits voice control app works on most Android Wear devices.

The only exception is the Samsung Gear Live.

If your phone supports Bluetooth Low Energy, it doesn’t work with the Fitband.

You can use the Google Fitbit app to track steps, distance, calories burned, sleep, and more.

The device supports the Android Wear apps Google Fit, Google Fit Plus, and Fitbit Connect.

You could also try out the Fitbuddy app, which was built specifically for Fitbit.

It works on Android phones and tablets, and the app includes the Fitwatch app and a companion app.

You’ll need an Android phone to use it.

The new Fitbud has a heart-rate sensor that measures the amount of time you spend sitting, standing, and walking.

It records data using a built-in accelerometer, which allows it to be more accurate.

It’ll also support Bluetooth Low-Energy, which makes it more compatible with smartphones and wearables.

You might want to check out the new Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

It looks like a Fitbit-branded wearable, but has a slightly different design.

It supports Android Wear and Android Wear Smartwatches, but there’s no NFC.

You could get the Galaxy Gear for $249 or $399, depending if you want a 32GB model or 64GB model.

You’d need an NFC-enabled device to connect to it.