The latest from the NFLPA

The NFLPA has been working with the NFL to reach a settlement with the Chicago Bears over a contract that the league has said could be worth as much as $150 million over three years.

The NFL was forced to backtrack on a proposed deal on Thursday following a failed mediation session with the union.

The Bears were not included in the mediation effort because of their ownership status.

The deal has a $1.8 million signing bonus, which would have been the biggest signing bonus in the NFL since the Super Bowl in 2014.

The union wants to be paid $1 million a year for the first three years of the deal, then $2 million in each of the next three seasons, with a $5 million signing bonuses for each of those years.

If the Bears’ new collective bargaining agreement was to go into effect, that would leave the NFL with about $150m to work with, according to the report.

If all the players’ existing contracts were not renegotiated, the NFL could pay out $60m annually.

A league source told ESPN that there is no current plan to make a deal.

The report comes a day after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters that he had been told by the league office that there were no discussions to change the way the franchise is structured.

That was before Goodell said on “NFL Total Access” on Thursday that he was still waiting for the union to reach an agreement with the Bears.