Why I’m not taking part in a fitness club in America

I’ve never been to a fitness gym in America.

I’ve been to the gym twice, but not in the gym.

I have friends in the States who do gyms, but the only reason I’m here is because I’m a little bit sick of my own body.

So, for me, a fitness-oriented club would be more of a place where I can actually get in shape and exercise.

I’m actually not really in a position to do any of that.

And even if I did, I’d probably be at home for the week.

I do love my own health, but I can’t really afford to do much physical activity in my own life.

The only time I actually exercise is when I get home from a weekend, which I do for exercise, and I get to go to the park and play soccer with my dog, and then do a little yoga and just relax.

If I had a gym in the city, I might get to exercise there.

I mean, I could do yoga and play basketball with my friends, but it would be pretty hard to do that.

I could be at the gym for five minutes and I would feel really good.

I don’t really want to be at a gym for a week and have no energy, so that would be tough.

So I don [just want to] have a place to exercise that’s not really expensive and doesn’t have a lot of activity.

In the end, I think my choice is going to be that I’ll do the gym at home and maybe just do the yoga and get my exercise in.