Reddit Fitness Sheet Lifts and Weight Lifting Products

Fitbit is launching its new fitness sheet, the Fitbit Flex.

The new device is available in two sizes: 10 and 20, with each weighing in at 8.5 pounds, which means it can also lift 10 pounds.

The device is designed to work with any smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch.

The fitness device itself has a heart rate monitor, which monitors heart rate and activity levels.

In addition, the device has a Bluetooth 4.1 port, so it can connect to your smartwatch or other fitness tracker.

The Fitbit Fit tracker will be available for $199 on the Fitbits website in the coming weeks.

Fitbit has also added a number of new fitness apps to the platform, including the FitTracker for Fitbit users, a fitness tracker for the Fit tracker, and a new fitness app for Fitbits users.

The company also announced that it is bringing its Fit Tracker 2 app to the App Store.

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Featured image via Fitbit