Watch: The Latest Fitness App News and Analysis

Fit flops are back in the news again after an update this week that removed the Fit App from Google Play.

The move followed the removal of Fitbit’s Fitbit Surge earlier this year.

The Fit App was available in Google Play for more than a year and was a key component of Fitbits app ecosystem, allowing users to track their activity levels, calories burned, and even track sleep patterns.

The app was also the most popular way to track your fitness and activity habits, according to Fitbit.

Fitbit Surge was a fitness tracker for the Apple Watch and iPhone that was designed for people who were unable to track data with Fitbit, according the Fitbit spokesperson.

The Surge was not compatible with Fitbits apps for Android or iOS, but Google Play users had access to both.

Fitbit removed Fitbit apps from Google play on October 3, but it was back in stock on September 28.

The update to the app removes the Fit app as well.

FitBit spokesperson Lauren Anderson told The Daily Dot that the company was “working with our partners to make the FitBit Surge compatible with Google Play.”

However, the Fitbits Surge is still available on the App Store and it has been available since November 24.

The news comes just days after the Fit’s Surge was discontinued by the company.

FitBit announced on September 30 that it would be discontinuing the Fit and Surge, but a new version of the Surge was released in December, just a week later.

The Fitbit version of Fit was also available on Amazon.