Which of these players will lead their team to the playoffs?

A lot of the questions we’ve been asking ourselves lately are going to come up when the NHL season kicks off.

So it’s important to have some answers and a framework.

We’ve got to decide which of these guys we’re going to draft.

We don’t have to pick them, just pick the one we think will fit in our lineup.

There are a lot of questions we have to answer about the draft and who we’re drafting.

The first step is deciding which player is the best fit for our roster.

Who are our goals right now?

What do we want to accomplish as a team?

Are we going to play the same style that we did last year?

Or are we going in a different direction?

We have a bunch of things to answer for this season, but we’re still going to have a lot to answer.

Are we trying to win right now or are we trying for something else?

Are our players playing well enough to keep up with the pace of the game?

What’s going on with our depth?

How are the injuries affecting our team?

The most important thing for us to get out of the gate is knowing that we have a good team, a good group of guys, and a good coach in Steve Yzerman.

But, the biggest thing is to know how good we are as a group.

This is our season.

We’re going out there and we’re trying to be great.

There is no doubt about that.

We have to be ready for anything that comes our way.

I think we’re getting there.

We know it’s going to be a big challenge for us, but this is our year.

We need to know that we’re in this together, and we have this going for us.