How to add your Facebook likes to your Fitbit tracking

Google News article Fitbit’s Fitbit Charge 2 fitness trackers use Facebook data to track your activity and even share it with the company’s own partners.

However, it’s not all about tracking and sharing data.

The company is also using Fitbit data to better understand the health and wellness of its customers.

Here’s how.


Fitbit can track your heart rate and activity While it doesn’t collect your daily activity, Fitbit knows when you’re in the gym and when you are in bed.

So you know you are exercising if your heart rates are higher than your body weight, and you also know when you should be in bed if your fitness has declined.

So Fitbit will keep track of your heartrate and activity, and it will even share the information with its partners.

Fitbits can also send you alerts about your activity that you can ignore, such as when you leave a gym and return to it later.

You can set up Fitbit notifications by opening the Fitbit app, tapping the ‘Activity’ button and tapping the “Get alerts” button.

The app will also ask you for your email address to set up notifications for Fitbit.


FitBit can collect your sleep quality, sleep duration and sleep quality scores If you get sick or you have insomnia, FitBit will let you know about your sleep and sleep duration.

If you have a sleep disorder, it will let it know how long you sleep and how much you need to be awake each night.

If your sleep is abnormal, Fitbits may also share your sleep profile with other companies to help you manage it. 3.

FitBIT can track exercise levels, weight loss and sleep patterns The Fitbit Track Activity app will tell you your exercise levels and weight loss, which will give you a sense of how your body and mind are performing.

You will also be able to see how your sleep habits have changed over time, and how you are doing with your sleep.


Fitbet can collect information about your weight and health Fitbit Health, the company that owns the Fitbuddy fitness tracker, is a large company and uses data from its users to better target ads and improve its service.

The Fitbuds Health app, which is used by Fitbit users worldwide, will let Fitbit track your weight, height, BMI and more.


Fitbud will track your sleep patterns and sleep levels It will tell Fitbit that you are currently sleeping, and will let the company know how much time you have slept and how long it has been since you last fell asleep.

It will also share how much sleep you have had each night, your sleep history, and your sleep activity.

The feature will be available for the Fitbits Charge 2 and Charge 3.


Fitband will give the FitBand your sleep health stats and sleep diary The FitBand will be able tell you how much your sleep has improved, how long since you had it and how far it has progressed.

The features are only available to Fitbit Fitbills, and they will only be available on the Charge 2, Charge 3 and Charge 4 models.


Fitbeats Fitness app will let users customize Fitbits Health and Fitbids Health with sleep information, sleep diary, sleep profile, weight and activity.


FitBud Health will let people see their Fitbit activity levels, sleep quality and sleep history with the FitBuds Health apps.


FitiTrack will let customers see their health data and sleep profile information with the Fitness app.


Fitfitness will let other companies track your health, weight, BMI, sleep and more, including fitness companies like Fitbit, Adidas and Nike.