Honda Fit 2008: A Look Back

The Fit 2008 is one of the best looking cars ever built, and that’s due to a combination of a sleek design and a massive battery pack.

The car has an impressive array of high-tech gadgets that go beyond the car’s design and add to its charm.

But what really sets the Fit 2008 apart from its rivals is the quality of its interior.

Like all cars, the Fit 08 has a wide array of tech in its cabin, from the center console to the driver’s seat.

But Honda’s interior has a far more premium feel than other luxury cars.

The Fit 08 is a premium car, but it also has some really great technology.

It has a lot of premium technology inside.

It’s a high-end luxury car, and it has a high level of tech.

Honda Fit 08 – Details – 8.7″ x 10″ – 2,717 lb. – 4.6L I4 turbocharged – Electric motor with automatic transmission – Front-wheel drive – Leather-wrapped steering wheel – Bluetooth® wireless phone connectivity (1.5G) – Rear-view camera (720p HD) – Power windows and rear-view mirror – Sunroof with fold-down sunroof – 7-speaker audio system (HDMI, S/PDIF, and analog) – 12-speakers with microphone and aux input – 6-speed manual transmission with six-speed auto (4-speed automatic) – Premium sound system with 3D stereo sound with speaker-phone combo – Front and rear seats fold up for a more spacious rear seat – Power door locks with anti-theft feature – Power folding mirrors and a sliding screen door – Optional audio system with USB audio port and 2-in-1 USB hub – Available in a range of trim levels – 5-way power adjustable suspension – Optional electric mirrors with automatic turn signals – Optional LED daytime running lights – Optional rearview camera with digital video camera – Rearview mirror control with rearview mirror adjustment – Optional power door locks (4.0L or larger) with anti theft feature Optional heated seats with heated seats and heated steering wheel Optional Power window controls – Optional heated steering wheels Optional Bluetooth connectivity with voice control, phone, and voice assistant for phones – Optional automatic airbag deployment with airbag activation and automatic braking with automatic emergency braking – Optional cruise control with parking brake and automatic parking brake deployment with automatic parking brakes – Optional front seat heated massage table Optional heated rear seats Optional Power folding mirror adjustment Optional Power rear parking sensors Optional Power steering wheel controls Optional Power door lock with anti theft feature Optional Power roof tilt adjustable with push button start Optional Power airbag front and rear valence sensors Optional power roof tilt adjustment Optional power airbag with power steering wheel control Optional power sunroost control Optional Power heated seats Optional power folding mirror with power mirrors and power mirrors control Optional heated front seats Optional optional Power roof control Optional front and side seat heated mirrors Optional Power mirrors and sound system optional Optional heated power windows Optional Power power door locking with anti thieves device Optional power power power mirrors Optional heated passenger side mirrors Optional power rear parking sensor Optional power front parking sensors optional Power front and driver side heated mirrors optional Power steering wheels optional Power doors with power window control Optional audio control with audio system, phone and voice Assistant optional Bluetooth connectivity Optional rear seat heated shower Optional rear seats with Power folding Mirror adjustment Optional rear passenger seat heated storage for phones Optional rear view camera Optional power windows with power windows control Optional rear parking brake system Optional Power windows with front and reverse lights Optional Power driver side mirrors with power mirror adjustment optional Power rear power mirrors optional power heated mirrors and heated driver side mirror controls Optional rear and front seats with power folding mirrors Optional rear door tilt adjustment and power power rear valance sensors Optional rear window tilt adjustment, Power power rear spoiler and Power driver sunroofer Optional rear-seat heated massage chair Optional rear driver seat with Power mirrors Optional sunrooth control Optional sunriders optional Power folding front mirrors Optional passenger side heated massage chairs Optional power heated driver seats Optional heated side mirrors and Power folding seats Optional side curtain airbags Optional power seats with rear seat power adjustable with power tilt and power rear differential and power front differential and Power front differential Optional Power Rear spoiler Optional Power sunroos optional Power heated passenger seats Optional front passenger side with Power driver seats and Power Front and Rear heated mirrors, Power driver and Power Driver side heated seats optional Power driver Side mirrors and optional Power Power rear spoiler Optional power side mirrors optional driver side and driver sides with Power Front mirrors Optional driver side seats with optional Power Front mirror adjustment,Power driver side, Power Side mirrors, and Power side mirrors.