How to cancel a planet fitness connection, or just leave it running indefinitely

Fitness connection hours have been cancelled at Planet Fitness, but the fitness company is still looking for a new location.

The company announced Thursday that it has been closed for the time being.

The company also said it will no longer be accepting new membership applications for the company.

The planet fitness provider announced in September that it was closing its Fitness Connection program.

“Planet Fitness is closed,” a statement from the company read.

“We’re currently looking for new, sustainable locations to host our community.

If we find a new, better, and more suitable location, we will announce it.”

The news comes after Planet Fitness closed its Fitness Connect program earlier this month after more than five years of service.

The provider shuttered its fitness centers in New York City, Austin, Texas and Seattle in late August.

Planet Fitness announced earlier this year that it would be moving all of its fitness center locations to other countries.

It also announced that it had closed its fitness network for the remainder of 2016.

Planet is currently looking to lease space in a new facility in the U.K. that could be ready for use by 2024.