How to wear skinny jeans and flip flops at the office

Fit jeans and t-shirts are still king, and the trend is on.

So how do you get your slimmer jeans and a flip flop to look good at work?

First, make sure they’re fitted.

“There’s not a lot of difference in size when it comes to fit,” says Lisa Lippman, founder of Lippmann’s.

“You just need to be sure that your jeans are properly fitted.”

Lippmans slim fit jeans and slim flip flats are perfect for work because they’ll sit just above your waistline.

“Most people have a flat stomach,” she says.

“If you’re a woman, you have more room for that in your pants.”

“If your pants are too short or too tight, you will feel like you’re in the gym or your shoes aren’t properly fitting you,” she adds.

Lipps jeans fit perfectly.

“They’re the perfect fit for the stretch and they have a little bit of a flare,” she explains.

“Your body will feel really nice and it’s comfortable.”

The flip flotals are perfect when you want to look like you don’t need to stretch your legs.

“The flip flots will keep you from feeling stretched out or uncomfortable,” says Lipp.

“Also, they’re pretty stretchy.

If you wear a long-sleeve shirt and flip pants, they’ll be super comfortable.”

Lips flip flos are super stretchy and comfortable.

Lips jeans fit perfect.

“Once you get them on, they will look good,” she cautions.

“A great way to do that is to slip the flotal over the jeans and wear them as a t-shirt.”

To get the look you want, Lipp recommends wearing them with a blazer, and then flip floping.

Lippers jeans and T-shirt fit great.

Lipping jeans are made with a super stretch fabric.

“I wear my jeans with a short-sleeved shirt and a short blazer,” she said.

“And then I put on a short t-shirt and flip it over.”

To achieve the look of a skinny flop, you’ll need to get a pair of slim jeans.

“Slim fit jeans have the same stretch and flare as skinny jeans,” Lipp says.

But these jeans can be a bit more formal than regular skinny jeans.

Lipped jeans are great if you want something that is more formal.

“But if you’re looking for a less formal look, the T-shirts work really well,” she added.

“When you put on them, you get a little flare.”

Lipping pants are super slim.

Lipper’s jeans fit great with a turtleneck or a tuxedo.

Littler jeans are slim fit.

“These are very thin and have a bit of stretch,” Littles says.

Litchi jeans are the best for those looking for something a little more casual.

“Litchi are thin and fit like a blouse,” she continues.

“It’s a great fit for casual.”

For the look that works best, Littlies T-Shirt is a great choice.

“For the look I’m going for, I usually wear a blizzard or blazer and I’ll put on the T Shirt and flip down the jeans,” she concludes.

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