‘No, we will not accept fit women’

Juventus have rejected the idea of a female goalkeeper for their first game of the season, saying the squad’s best players are all male.

The Bianconeri have yet to make a decision on whether to have a female defender, with the goalkeeper role a key priority, but it is not yet clear if they will play a woman at all.

It’s the first time Juventus have officially admitted that they are a “fit women’s team” but they have never been officially identified as such. 

In fact, there has been speculation that the Biancones will play only women for the first two games of the campaign. 

It was only last month that the club said it would consider allowing women to play if their health and fitness was “excellent”.

“We are not saying we will never play a female or male goalkeeper,” the club’s sporting director Giuseppe D’Ambrosio told reporters.

“There is a lot of great players in this squad, and it’s possible to play a very good female goalkeeper.”

But we are going to work hard to find a solution that is appropriate for the team and the team’s future.

“The Biancocelesti have made no secret of their desire to become more flexible in their squad, which will be coached by Domenico Berardi, who was previously at Real Madrid.

D’Ambroio added that he would like to see a “more flexible” Juventus as they seek to secure the Serie A title.”

At the moment we are not winning the title and we have to change the mentality of the team.””

It’s important that we get the most out of our squad, because that’s what the club is built for.”

At the moment we are not winning the title and we have to change the mentality of the team.

“The move follows a disappointing season in which Juventus missed the Champions League, lost out on the Europa League and were relegated to Serie B.