Google Fit: ‘I’m not ready to be a father yet’

Google Fit has been designed to help women become more comfortable with the idea of having children, and its creators are using it to track and categorise their fitness data.

Google Fit, which has been released by Google, lets users search for fitness-related topics to track their activity and progress.

The company has already partnered with a number of organisations and has partnered with Fitbit, which provides its app.

“I’m actually going to say it’s like having a baby in the future,” said Lauren Smith, the CEO of Fitbit.

“It’s so much more.”

But it’s not just the company’s partners who are keen on using the app to track women’s fitness.

Ms Smith told the ABC she was surprised how quickly the app was adopted.

“The most important thing is that we’re open to other people using the technology, to use it to support them,” she said.

“We really do want to help people.”

Ms Smith said the company would also encourage women to get involved with its community of users by creating a monthly challenge where people could challenge each other to do something that they love.

She said she believed the app would help improve women’s health and wellbeing.

“Women are the healthiest people in the world, but we can do better,” Ms Smith added.

“And that’s why we’re launching a new community, a new challenge, where we’ll help women get fit.”